Solutions For Value Chain


Optimize resources and generate value for your customers.


Effort optimization

Greater efficiency in your company logistic processes and the management of its value and supply chain.


Time Reduction

Logistics activities executed on time to generate efficiencies and better service experiences.


Costs reduction

competitive advantages and big profit margins, through optimizing of investments.


Because logistics management does not end with the delivery of the product

The correct management of logistics processes after the delivery of a product or service can help re-inject resources into your production processes.

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Always in contact with customers, users and suppliers, for better communication and aligned processes.



People prefers to be attended by real people.


Real Time

Real time support for a unique and effective service experience.


Inbound & Outbound

We receive calls from your users or contact them directly to proactively resolve your requests.


People prefer to be attended by real people

Direct and real-time attention to customers and users generates a close and humane service experience that influences customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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We save time and effort to our clients or your final users by attending them on site.


Effort optimization

Greater efficiency in those logistic processes outside your company facilities, or that require on-site support.


Time Reduction

Logistics activities executed in time to favor the uninterrupted flow of operations in or outside of your company facilities.


On-site Service

Better service experiences, by avoiding efforts, frustration, time and resources to clients and final users.


Support on time and where it is needed!

We generate value for clients and end users, providing differential service experiences, which avoid efforts, reduce time and resources invested in installation processes, training, support, among others.

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We support the injection of supplies for your operation.



We avoid complicated processes for our clients, which defocus their attention and efforts from what is really important for theme.



The use of unsuitable supplies or parts can generate risk of accidents during the provision of a service or use of a product, our officialy approved accessories reduce this risk.



Back Up

Having our supply offer, generates an ideal backup in case your own stock of supplies and parts does not meet the needs of your company.



The difference may be in the right supplies


The quality of a product or service may come to depend on the use of suitable accessories. That is why at Woden® we perform meticulous tests to ensure that the accessories and parts we offer meet the service requirements for which they are intended.


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Generate value even after the delivery of the product.


Customer Service

We receive and manage the requests of your customers and users through help desk and self-management channels.


Warranty Service

We validate warranty requests on products and services for further solution.


Out of Warranty

We certify our services and have the spare parts to meet out of warranty requests.


Because the commercial relationship does not end with the delivery of the product

Providing solutions through after-sales services generates an integral user experience that positions your brand and creates lasting business relationships with your customers.

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Our solutions for the value chain are an endorsement for your brand

Avoid allocating resources and efforts divided into independent processes and suppliers, configure with us an integral solution and optimize your investments and resources.

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