Services for companies


Integrated solutions for companies and individuals, which optimize and make the most of technological processes and assets, contributing to the savings of our customers.

Direct and Inverse Logistics

Logistics services integration for direct and inverse supply chain.

See Logistics

Contact Center

Inbound and outbound contact center service for after sales support, scheduling of services, notifications, case creation, etc.

See Contact Center

Field Services

We have motorized technicians in the main cities of the country, to provide on-site support to our customers and their users.

See On-site Services

Transportation and Distribution

Logistic transport services (collection and dispatch) throughout the country.

Se Transport

Collection Centers Service

Temporary collection of assets, for subsequent distribution to the different stages of its logistics chain

See Collection Centers

Authorized Service Centers

In our technology centers, we offer our customers after-sales support for products in warranty and out of warranty.

See Centers

Storage and Inventories

Storage and control of fixed assets supported in a robust physical and technological infrastructure, to have control of equipment and parts.

See Storage

Packaging, Fulfillment and Kitting

Packaging of assets and/or individual products with or without accessories.

See Packaging

Testing y Screening

We perform functional and cosmetic diagnosis of electronic devices, in order to accurately identify the existing failures.

See Testing

Cosmetic reconditioning

Recovery of plastic and metal parts. Restoration, marking, painting, sanding, polishing, brassworking, screen printing, UV curing digital printing, etc.

See Reconditioning

Modular and Component Repair

Specialized repair service at a modular or component level that allows us to generate savings for our customers.

See Repair

Screen Repair

We have cutting edge techonology, to repair screens of televisions, monitors, industrial monitors and mobile devices.

See Screen Repair

Electronic Reuse

We take care of the environment, making reuse of parts and functional components of an irreparable equipment in another repairable.

See Reuse

Electronic Assembly

Exclusive service developed thanks to the knowledge of the handling of electronic equipment.

See Assembly

Supply, Parts and Accessories

Sale of parts and accessories, necessary and/or complementary for the proper functioning of your electronic devices.

See Supply


We have a team dedicated to developing innovative solutions that improve and optimize the products and services of our customers.

See Innovation

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