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Acquire the device you want direct from the factory.



Acquire the device you want, like new and at a lower price.


Certified (CPO)

The device you want, like new and with original accessories.


Fighting obsolescence and cell phone theft

Our priority is to offer quality technology at competitive prices, helping the environment, through the remanufacturing and sale of CPO devices, we re-inject to the market full functional products that could otherwise become prematurely electronic waste.  We are certified by the CRC Communications Regulation Commission, for the sale of cell phones.

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Just explore the products, choose, pay and wait for your product at your door.



You buy from a company with 17 years of experience in telecommunications.



You have access to quality technology and comfortable prices, buying CPO or Refurbished.


Buying at Woden® is very easy!

From cell phones, accessories and audio devices, to video game consoles and cameras. By using our search filters you can find the product you want, the brand you've always wanted, the color and features you prefer. Add to the shopping cart, click on pay and you will have the support of one of the most recognized payment gateways in Latin America. We will deliver your product in 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on your city of residence, thanks to the fact that we are integrated with one of the largest logistics companies in Colombia.

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Technichal Service



Pro Diagnosis 

Pay only for the repair of real failures.


Repair Technology

Our technology allows us to repair with higher quality and lower costs.


Service Channels

Manage your service in person, by phone or web.


Always pay just for what you needed!

*Our technologies allow us to repair the specific damaged parts of a device, without the need to replace complete modules, which means that our customers pay less for the repair of their device. We also have diagnostic technologies, which subject the equipment to multiple software and hardware tests, thus avoiding human error in the process.

*Depending on the severity of the damage

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help you ensure that technology is always at your disposal, so that you can continue with your lifestyle and be connected to what you like the most.

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