It is not consuming more... It is about consuming better!

Does your company have non-productive fixed assets? Learn how you can optimize your productivity, generating savings.

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Technical service

Manage your technical service order, easy and fast

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The best technology available to everyone: Smartphones, tablets, laptops, accessories and more

Because it is not just about buying, it is about buying better! Woden® makes available to everyone the best deals on equipment, added services, payment facilities and after-sales support.

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Does not work like it used to be? Extends its life cycle

At Woden®, we potentiate the life cycle of your electronic devices. Avoid recurrently investing in new equipment, due to failures that only Woden® can solve.

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Unique Technological Experiences. Easy, how and when needed

Technology makes things easier for us. At Woden® we are technological and that is why we offer solutions to companies and people, so that technology never stops working.

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Solutions for Value and Supply Chain

Optimize the resources and generate value for your customers.

Reverse Logistics

Integration of logistic services for the optimization of resources and times in the direct and inverse supply chain.

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Contact Center

Inbound and outbound for after sales support, scheduling of services, notification, reception of requests, etc.

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Field Services

We have field technicians in the main cities of the country, to provide on-site support to our clients and their end users.

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Assets Supply

Sale of parts and accessories, necessary and / or complementary for the proper functioning of your electronic units.

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Aftersales Services

Support for your brand, in warranty and out of warranty service management.

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All Solutions

Know all the solutions that Woden® offers for the optimization of your resources and the support of your brand.

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Leading the way to environmental sustainability

By remanufacturing electronic devices we reuse tons of materials, avoid pollution and build a better world for the future.

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Our difference

Technology for people and companies, which generate a positive social, environmental and economic impact for the regions where we operate.

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More than 17 years in the technology and logistics industry.



We have operated in 8 countries in Latin America.



Adaptation to our customer’s needs.



We have cutting edge technology.



Dedicated to improving our solutions and that of our clients.



We avoid thousands of tons of electronic waste per year.

Extend the useful life of your electronic equipment

Achieve a positive transversal impact on your company, generating savings and optimizations, in capital investments, logistics processes, and environmental impact, through our remanufacturing and logistics services.

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