At Woden® everything is new and better

At Woden® everything is new and better


The only thing that we have kept from the past are 17 years of experience.

Woden® is the result of a total brand renewal, which for 17 years was responsible for leading the inverse logistics services offered to big technology and telecommunications companies.

But not only the brand has changed, the company has also received a total renovation in its facilities, process flows, administrative structure, implemented technologies and, as if it was not enough, the company opens the doors to new business focused on products and services to end users.

During these 17 years of operation, of which 15 have been in Colombia, Woden® has offered its services to renowned telecommunications companies, such as Claro, Telefónica, DirecTV, TigoUne and ETB, also having as customers in computing and consumer electronics, brands like HP and Lenovo.


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