New Accessories VIDVIE


New accessories have arrived to our experience center, with a lot of design and technology. Actually our clients can choose between different products that complement their smartphones, PCs or other electronic devices. From accessories for audio, battery charging, storage and data transfer, to gadgets for wireless connection.


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At Woden® everything is new and better


The only thing that we have kept from the past are 17 years of experience.

Woden® is the result of a total brand renewal, which for 17 years was responsible for leading the inverse logist...

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Woden® makes it possible


Woden® understands technological future. Technology should improve the lives of all people, not a few ... all people! Therefore, it makes available to the public, electronic devices at affordabl...

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Woden® changes its headquarters in Bogotá


With an area of 7,500 square meters, it is a place to breath innovation, leadership and service, as well as social and ecological awareness.

Every corner of the company reflects what have...

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